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Continuing education course providers can apply in advance to ABC for preapproval of courses relevant to orthotics, prosthetics, pedorthics, mastectomy, orthotic and therapeutic shoe fitting. Use the buttons below to search for preapproved courses specific to your discipline. Course providers will submit your name, certification and passing score (applicable for eLearning activities) to ABC after the course is complete.

Please note that education providers submit participant lists to ABC every 30 days. Therefore, it can take up to 6 weeks for a course to appear on your record. Please give the education provider your ABC certification number so that they can record your credits accurately.  ​

Credits are identified with either (S) Scientific or (B) Business. Please be aware that each credential is limited to 50% of earned credits outside of their discipline.

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Photo of Michelle Gleeson, PhD

Michelle Gleeson, PhD

Director, Continuing Education

(703) 836-7114 x247

Directs all aspects of the continuing education policy development and administration, as well as education provider management and precertification course approvals.

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Photo of Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith

Manager, Continuing Education

(703) 836-7114 x248

Primary contact for: customer service including identifying credit opportunities, MCE statements and credential verification.

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Photo of Erin Seabrook

Erin Seabrook

Continuing Education Coordinator

(703) 836-7114 x242

Primary contact for: all continuing education inquiries

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Amanda Aguilar

Continuing Education Assistant

(703) 836-7114 x241

Primary contact for: all continuing education inquiries

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